Lunawood to invest roughly 9m € in site expansion

06.04.2018 − 

Finnish Lunawood is currently setting up three new thermally-modified timber (TMT) kilns at its main plant in Iisalmi where one of previously five units had been destroyed by fire at the end of November 2017. This latest replacement investment will thus provide Iisalmi with seven TMT kilns in future. A new warehouse for finished goods has been built as well, and the packaging line updated.

Lunawood says it will be investing roughly 5m € in rebuilding and extending the works. Another 4m € is to be spent on enlarging the Kaskinen manufacturing plant in the next few months. Here, Lunawood plans to install a third TMT kiln and thereby raise production capacity by around 50 %. Plans have been made to modernise the stacking system as well.

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