Kampa Group shows turnover growth of 36% in 2016

16.02.2017 − 

German Kampa group built a total of 352 houses in 2016, representing year-on-year growth of almost 35%. Group turnover in 2016, at €128.5m, considerably exceeded the 2015 figure of €94.7m. For the current financial year, Kampa CEO Josef Haas is reckoning with further growth in turnover to roughly €140m. The order book at the end of 2016 already showed 12 orders for houses worth a net amount of €162m. The group’s work force at the end of 2016 numbered 343. Although Kampa has a formal financial year ending 30 June, the company’s business figures are published in terms of the calendar year in external communications.

A contributing factor to turnover growth in 2016 was the takeover at the end of 2015 of the Freiwalde site of the then insolvent Austrian Hanlo Fertighaus. Following that takeover, including the work force of roughly 115, the company was renamed Architektur in Holz. An average of roughly 15 houses per month are produced in Freiwalde, though some of those houses are subcontracted orders for third-party brands mainly for delivery to Poland and Scandinavia.

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