HPE indices for August partly decreased again

06.09.2021 − 

The increase in the wood price indices, which has been observed for months, slowed down considerably in August, and in two cases there were declines. The figures calculated on a monthly basis by the Bundesverband Holzpackmittel, Paletten, Exportverpackung (HPE) together with the University of Bonn, show a further increase of 2.8 % to 412.7 points for the index “Solid wood for pallets” compared to the previous month, while the index “Solid wood for packaging materials” fell by 2.0 % to 296.6 points. Compared to the previous year, this results in increases of 152.6 % and 121.5 % respectively.

The indices for wood-based materials also show a contrary development. The index “plywood for packaging” rose slightly by 0.3 % to 287.6 points, the index “OSB for packaging” was 0.5 % lower than in July at 253.5 points. Compared to the previous year, the values are 146.9 % and 238.9 % higher, respectively.

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