Germany: pre-fabricated housing proportion over 22%

07.09.2020 − 

In the first half year, a total of 11,344 pre-fabricated detached and semi-detached houses were approved in Germany. With a total of 51,427 building approvals, the proportion of pre-fabricated houses rose to 22.1%; at the mid-year point in 2019 the figure had still been 20.6%.

The highest number of approvals for pre-fabricated timber houses in the first half of the year was recorded in Bavaria where timber constructions accounted for 3,057 of the 11,994 approvals granted, corresponding to a proportion of 25.5%. At 38.5%, the highest proportion of pre-fabricated construction was again recorded for Baden-Württemberg. Of the 6,626 new approvals granted there, 2,553 were for pre-fabricated timber detached and semi-detached houses. The lowest proportion of pre-fabricated houses among the German non-city states was reported for Lower Saxony at just 9.0%, behind Saxony-Anhalt (12.6%) and North Rhine-Westphalia (14.8%).

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