German pellet production surpasses 3m t mark

11.02.2021 − 

According to the DEPV, German pellet production in 2020 increased by 10.2% vis à vis the preceding year to some 3.101m t and thus reached a new record level. Furthermore, German pellet production also surpassed the respective figure of the preceding year for the fourth consecutive year. Over the course of the last ten years, production has increased by a total of 1.354m t/annum, corresponding to growth of almost 78%.

In 2020, the proportion of ENplus A1 pellets remained unchanged at 97.4%. A similar situation arose for the proportion of bagged pellets, at an average of 24.2%. Traditionally, conifers were used as raw material, at a proportion of 97.9%. The proportion of sawmilling residue ranges increased vis à vis 2019 to 84.9%. The proportion of bagged pellets, at 24.2%, was lower than in the preceding year. 84.9% of the pellets were sold on the domestic market; 16.1% were exported.

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