German gluelam production 13.2% higher than last year

05.08.2021 − 

A total of 866,322 m³ of gluelam products were produced in Germany in 2020 as a whole, roughly 13.2% more than a year earlier. 566,711 m³ of this was accounted for by gluelam timber (+11.5%) and 209,459 m³ by cross-laminated timber (CLT) (+22.1%). The increase in the manufactured volume of lamella timber, however, was less pronounced at 5.3% to 90,152 m³. Regardless of the increase, the gluelam output remains well behind the record figure for 2011, when roughly 1.211m m³ of gluelam were produced nationwide.

Further growth can be expected in the output of gluelam this year with the start-up of more gluelam-timber and CLT capacity that has already taken place or is due this year along with an undiminished increase in the share of timber construction. The provisional production figures from Destatis, the federal statistics office in Wiesbaden, for the first quarter of 2021 show an increase of 10.4% in the output of gluelam to 204,140 m³. Here, CLT production rose by 42.6% to 55,073 m³. At 127,934 m³, the output of gluelam timber was only raised by 1.6%. The figures were obtained from 41 manufacturers.

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