EPAL pallet production gone up slightly in 2020

22.04.2021 − 

According to information from the European Pallet Association (EPAL) approximately 97.3m pallets were produced under EPAL licences worldwide in its business year 2020, roughly 1.1 % more than a year earlier. The number of repaired pallets fell by 2.3 % to 26.2m units. As such, 123.5m EPAL pallets were produced new or repaired, which equates to a minor increase of 0.5 % against 2019. EPAL president Robert Holliger rates the increase as a success for the open exchange pool, particularly since the production and repair businesses were faced with major challenges due to the corona pandemic, impaired supply chains and rising timber prices. Since the start of EPAL’s own pallet exchange pool August 2013, the number of new pallets produced worldwide has risen by 53 %, and the number of repaired pallets by 22 %.

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