Deufol lowers turnover and results forecast for 2017

09.10.2017 − 

German Deufol records a turnover decrease of 10.4% to €145.1m for the first half. A determining factor for this decrease was the 18.6% decline to €72.3m in turnover on the domestic market, whereas on the export market turnover only decreased slightly by 0.4% to €72.8m. The export proportion consequently increased by approximately five percentage points to 50.2%.

According to Deufol, the turnover decline is due, on the one hand, to changes in the consolidated companies and, on the other hand, to the divestment of a large location in Belgium within the scope of a strategic focus on industrial packaging. Additions to the consolidated companies affected the industrial packaging division and led to a €18.0m increase in turnover. Divestments of consolidated companies - particularly the sale of Activatis and the consumer packaging subdivision in Belgium - led to a decrease in turnover of €21.6m. Adjusted to account for these special effects, turnover declined by a total of €13.2m in the reporting period.

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