Continued growth registered in HPE indices in June

16.07.2021 − 

In view of the further growth in prices for sawn softwood, OSB, and plywood recently, the wood price indices established by the German federation of wooden packaging, pallets, and export packaging (HPE) on a monthly basis in cooperation with the university of Bonn, showed further growth for June. At 352.2 points, the “Solid wood for pallets” index was 20.7% higher than in May; an increase of 125.9% was recorded against the same month of last year. The “Solid wood for packaging” index rose by 26.1% and 110.6% to 278.6 points. With regard to wood-based panels, the “Plywood for packaging index was 16.7% and 103.8% up at 233.1 points. Like the previous months, by far the highest rate of growth was identified for the “OSB for packaging” index. This 52.1% higher than in May at 218.0 points, which is 200.3% higher than a year earlier. In view of the contracts already concluded for July deliveries, a further increase is anticipated in the wood price indices for July.

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