Canada raised pellet exports by 46% in 2016

04.01.2018 − 

In 2016, considerable growth in exports to the UK and Japan helped to boost Canada’s pellet exports by 46% to around 2.373m t. According to a recent analysis by the Canadian National Energy Board, the exports to buyers in the UK were raised by 38% to 1.664m t, which equates to a share of 70% of the total exports. A total of 272,376 t had been exported to Japan the year before. Owing to the more than threefold increase in exports against 2015, Japan took over from the USA as the second-biggest recipient of Canadian pellets. 169,930 t were exported to buyers in the neighbouring country, roughly 17% less than the year before.

Belgium appears in the Canadian export statistics in a significant capacity for the first time in 2016. As no or only negligible volumes had been exported to this destination in the previous years, the Canadian statistics show exports of 144,000 t for 2016. In spite of a reduction of almost 15% to 72,807 t, Italy remained another important sales market for the Canadian pellet industry. The situation is similar for South Korea, which took delivery of more or less the same volume of exports as a year earlier at 48,914 t. South Korea has become considerably less significant than it used to be in 2014 (150,004 t) and 2013 (113,077 t), however.

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