Bioenergy accepts Russian Pellet Union as new member

18.03.2021 − 

On 3 February the board of directors of Bioenergy Europe approved the membership application of the Russian Pellet Union (RPC). Jean-Marc Jossart, secretary general of Bioenergy Europe, informed RPC of this decision on the same day. RPC, founded at the end of 2020, currently comprises 25 pellet manufacturers which account for 65% of the total Russian pellet production of approximately 2m t. The association, which is headed by managing director Nikita Mikhailovich Zhilov, also has six supporting members.

Within the scope of its activities, RPC has recently requested that the Russian railroad transportation company RZD (Moscow) is to revoke the tariff amendment relating to pellet transports on the route of its subsidiary East Siberian Railway to the Nowy Port (St. Petersburg) goods station. Since the beginning of the year, pellets have no longer included in tariff class 1 as pellets made from sawdust (code 103048), but instead have been categorised to tariff class 2 as pellets made from waste wood (code 111025). According to the Russian Pellet Union, this new classification leads to a 20% increase in transport costs. The railroad transportation company is currently investigating RPC’s request.

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