BayWa pellet sales raised by 14 % to roughly 457,000 t

17.04.2018 − 

German BayWa raised its pellet sales in its business year 2017 by 14.0 % above the reference figure for the year before to a total of 457,116 t. The key factor behind the growth was the increase in sales activity in Germany and Austria as well as in the eBusiness segment. Pellet sales are also benefiting from the further increased number of installed pellet-fired heating systems.

The group is anticipating further growth in pellet sales this year too. One of the factors expected to contribute to this is the start-up of the 110,000-t pellet works of WUN Energie scheduled for the third quarter and in which BayWa has a 30 % stake. BayWa is responsible for the works’ supply of raw materials and plays a major part in sales of the pellets produced there.

According to the business report published by BayWa on 29 March, the group generated consolidated sales revenue of approximately 16.055bn € in 2017, roughly 4.2 % more than a year earlier. EBIT was increased even more conspicuously by +18.4 % to 171.3m €. The growth in EBIT was partly contributed to by the non-recurring item arising from the sale of the BayWa group’s headquarters in Munich completed last year.

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