Accsys selling Tricoya MDF in overseas markets

30.01.2019 − 

Accsys Technologies ended the first half of its 2018/2019 financial year (31 March) having sold 21,379 m³ of acetylated wood under the Accoya name. Sales had risen 8% compared with the prior-year period.

Around 25% of the total or 5.438 m³ was sold to manufacturers of durable wood-based panels under existing licence agreements. This 63% increase in volumes was due to raw material being used during the ramp-up of the third reactor in Arnheim, which could not be sold as solid wood due to its surface quality. The Spanish wood-based panel manufacturer Financiera Madereira (Finsa) purchased small amounts for production tests. Finsa acquired exclusive manufacturing rights to Tricoya wood-based panels in Spain and Portugal in March. Accsys reported that this firm has yet to launch commercial production of Tricoya MDF. The main buyer once again was Irish Medite Europe which has exclusive production and distribution rights in Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK and which has made durable MDF under the Medite Tricoya Extreme name since 2012.

Accsys itself started marketing Tricoya MDF in the first half of the financial year. The company sourced small amounts from Medite to this end. According to Accsys, it aims to tap overseas markets in the US and Australia before a Tricoya production plant under construction for acetylated wood chips in Hull, England starts operating.

Accsys invested around €18.5m in Hull in the first half of the year. All told, it has so far spent close to €30m, around half of the €58.9m original budget for construction of the facility. Construction work is slated for completion in July 2019. The firm expects that it will take three months to commission the facility, meaning that commercial production will likely begin in November 2019. With a designed annual capacity of 30,000 tonnes, the facility will ramp up operations within three years and reach the break-even point on an EBITDA basis when running at 40% capacity utilisation.

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