IKTK expands existing gluelam plant for €2m

Latvian IKTK has recently completed the expansion of its glue-laminated lumber production at the Ozolnieki site. As part of the expansion, in which €2m has been invested, additional production space has been created and CNC-controlled machines for processing gluelam have been installed.

In 2015 a finger-jointing line supplied by Ledinek Engineering and a Hyper type press were installed at the site. The investment volume at that time was around €5m. The plant, designed for a capacity of 10,000m³ gluelam, is designed for the production of commissioned goods. The Hyper press can produce straight and curved gluelam in lengths of up to 32m and heights of up to 2.3m. With regard to external customers, IKTK also tests gluelam and cross-laminated timber for load-bearing capacity and resistance to weathering.

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