Wood products

Drax pellet plants in Louisiana are back in operation

02.09.2020 − The pellet plants of Drax Biomass in the south of the USA, which had been shut down as a precautionary measure before Hurricane "Laura" came ashore, have meanwhile been restarted.» more


Wooden packaging material requires ISPM 15 standard

28.08.2020 − In the border traffic between Europe and Great Britain, wood packaging will have to be treated and marked in accordance with the ISPM standard from January 1, 2021.» more

Accsys fleshes out plans for Accoya plant in the US

27.08.2020 − The British chemical technology firm Accsys Technologies has founded the joint venture Accoya USA LLC together with the US chemicals group Eastman Chemical.» more

German pellet production continues at record level

13.08.2020 − At approximately 760,000t, a new record level in German pellet production was also achieved in the second quarter of 2020. » more

EU pellet consumption could increase to over 30m t

11.08.2020 − According to the latest estimates, the apparent consumption of pellets within the EU might rise to a total of approximately 30.8m t this year. » more

Russian government subsidising exports of pellets

10.08.2020 − The Russian ministry of trade and industry recently added wood pellets and briquettes to its list for export promotion. » more

Further delays in Active Energy’s CoalSwitch plant

06.08.2020 − Active Energy Group of London, listed on the London stock exchange, will not commence commercial production of CoalSwitch pellets in Lumberton in North Carolina, USA, before 2021.» more

Timber construction turnover increases again in April

30.07.2020 − In April turnover generated by German carpentry and timber construction businesses increased by 4.5% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year. » more

Klenk pellet works to start operation in late 2021

27.07.2020 − Binderholz group wants to put the pellet works planned for its subsidiary Klenk Holz into service at the end of 2021. » more

Binderholz CLT now certified for US market too

23.07.2020 − At the beginning of June, Binderholz received IBC (International Building Code) and IRC (International Residential Code) certification for its cross-laminated timber (CLT) products “BBS 125” and “BBS XL".» more

Approvals for prefabricated houses increase by 12.8%

20.07.2020 − Approvals for prefabricated detached/semi-detached houses increased in April vis à vis the comparative month of the preceding year by 12.8% to 1,939 units. » more

Germany: foreign trade with pallets declines significantly

14.07.2020 − In the first quarter German pallet exports as well as imports were at a considerably lower level than last year. » more

Japan’s gluelam imports from Europe up by 8.8 % in Q1

10.07.2020 − In the first three months, Japan imported a total of 199,132 m³ of gluelam timber from Europe, equating to an increase of 8.8 % against a year earlier.» more

Setra supplying 1,700 m³ of CLT for Cederhusen project

06.07.2020 − Setra Group has won the contract for supplying cross-laminated timber (CLT) for the planned “Cederhusen” project in Stockholm. » more

Accsys’ Tricoya plant to start operation in early 2021

02.07.2020 − Owing to the current corona crisis, completion of the Tricoya plant planned by Accsys Technologies for producing on acetylated woodchips in Hull is further delayed. » more

Trex posts another double-digit rise in revenues

29.06.2020 − The US WPC decking and building product manufacturer Trex generated consolidated revenues of US$200.4m in the first three months. » more

Eurozink plant up and running at Sokol works

24.06.2020 − Segezha Group has put a Eurozink H12-300 K finger-jointing line made by Ledinek Engineering into operation at its gluelam-timber works in Sokol. » more

EPC anticipating over 13m t of ENplus pellets in 2020

22.06.2020 − According to provisional estimates by the European Pellet Council (EPC) and Bioenergy Europe association, the worldwide output of ENplus-certified pellets is going to rise to 13.132m t this year. » more

Timber-construction sales revenue up by 25 % in March

19.06.2020 − Germany carpentry and timber-construction companies generated 25 % more sales revenue in March than they did in the same month of last year.» more

German pallet imports down by more than 15 % in 2019

12.06.2020 − At 62.5m units, the number of flat wood pallets imported by Germany in 2019 was 15.3 % lower than a year earlier. » more

Ledinek supplying equipment for Ante-Holz CLT works

05.06.2020 − Ante Holding has awarded the contract for supplying a cross-laminated timber (CLT) line for its Berga facility to Ledinek Engineering. » more

Further decline for Pinnacle in first quarter

01.06.2020 − In the first quarter higher costs for production and logistics as well as an increase in the volume of pellets additionally purchased once again imposed a burden on the results of Canadian pellet producer.» more

HPE says crate producers hit hard by corona crisis

29.05.2020 − 51 % of the crate manufacturers in the German federation of wooden packaging, pallets, and export packaging (HPE) say they are heavily affected by the corona crisis.» more

Prefabricated building sector expecting drop in sales

28.05.2020 − Owing to the corona crisis, the German prefabricated building federation (BDF) is anticipating a reduction of 4-5 % in the sector’s sales revenue this year.» more

Spain: Pellet production to increase further in 2019

27.05.2020 − At 714,000 tonnes, Spain produced around 20% more pellets in 2019 than in the previous year.» more

Kibsgaard appointed as new CEO of Katerra

25.05.2020 − Paal Kibsgaard has been appointed as the new CEO of the US general contractor Katerra.» more

Pinnacle pellet plant damaged by explosion

15.05.2020 − Just under a year after the fire damage at the Entwistle pellet plant, the Pinnacle Renewable Energy Group suffered an explosion and subsequent fire at the Lavington plant earlier this week.» more

EBITDA of Enviva Partners up by 35%

14.05.2020 − In the first quarter of 2020 US pellet manufacturer Enviva Partners achieved increases in its turnover as well as results figures.» more

German pallet output held at over 110m units in 2019

14.05.2020 − At a total of 110.61m units, the German output of box and flat pallets in 2019 reached almost exactly the same level as the year before. » more

Enviva: Pellet sales volume remained at over 1 m tonnes

30.04.2020 − The US pellet producer Enviva Partners achieved higher sales and earnings figures in the first quarter compared to the previous year.» more