Wood products

Schilliger building bigger CLT works in Volgelsheim

20.01.2022 − Schilliger Bois, belonging to Schilliger Holz, will be building a new cross-laminated timber (CLT) works at its headquarters in Volgelsheim, France by January 2024. » more


Sawmilling industry investing in value-adding activities

14.01.2022 − The consistently positive outlook for the timber-construction sector led to further investment in the enlargement of production capacity in the gluelam-timber and prefabricated-construction sectors.» more

US pellet production declines by 1.5%

13.01.2022 − In the third quarter, the US pellet industry produced 2.365m tonnes of pellets, around 1.5% less than in the comparative quarter of the preceding year. » more

German pellet imports increase by more than 20%

05.01.2022 − In the first nine months, Germany imported pellets in a total volume of 262,964 t. » more

HBS Berga begins regular CLT production

22.12.2021 − HBS Berga belonging to the Ante group, has been ramping up regular production of cross-laminated timber (CLT) in the last few months. » more

Drax aiming to double pellet production to 8m tpy

20.12.2021 − At a Capital Markets Day, Drax Group announced on 1 December an increase in its pellet production capacity from the present 4m tpy to 8m tpy by 2030. » more

Rise in market share of prefabricated construction

17.12.2021 − In August, the proportion of prefabricated construction in the number of approvals for de-tached and semi-detached houses in Germany rose significantly vis à vis the same month last year to 23.8%.» more

Enviva slips slightly into the red in third quarter

13.12.2021 − A sharp rise of around 64% to US$10.1m in payments for services from associated companies led to a reduction in the operating result of Enviva to US$10.5m in the third quarter.» more

Thermory completes capacity enlargement

10.12.2021 − Thermory has completed the expansion investment project announced in spring according to plan. » more

Worldwide pellet production increased to 41.6 million t

09.12.2021 − Roughly 41.601m t of pellets were produced worldwide in 2020 (excluding China), which equates to an increase of 5.3% against last year. » more

All HPE indices down in November as well

06.12.2021 − The HPE wood-price indices for solid wood, OSB, and plywood show a reduction against the previous month in November as well.» more

US pellet exports 8% higher than last year’s level

03.12.2021 − The USA exported a total of 1.985m t of pellets in the third quarter, an increase of roughly 8% on a year earlier. » more

Barrus group puts second scantling line into operation

29.11.2021 − Barrus plans to complete the start-up phase of the new window-scantling line built at the headquarters in Väru and designated “Compo III” by the turn of the year 2021/2022.» more

Trex planning to build another decking works

26.11.2021 − After the start-up of the new decking works at its Winchester headquarters at the beginning of this year, Trex has begun planning another production facility. » more

Growth of 25.0% in Russian pellet production

25.11.2021 − The start-up of new pellet plants is generating further growth in the volumes produced in Russia. » more

Adcuram Group completes takeover of Streif group

17.11.2021 − Adcuram Group has completed its acquisition of the Streif group of companies, active in prefabricated-house sector, that it had announced at the end of September. » more

Segezha Group planning new wood-industry facility

11.11.2021 − Segezha Group is planning an integrated production facility with a sawmill, a gluelam-timber production plant, and a pellet works. » more

BDF anticipating 2.9% growth in sales revenue for 2021

08.11.2021 − The German prefabricated construction federation (BDF) is anticipating sector sales revenue of €3.49bn for 2021. » more

British Stewart Milne Group aiming to sell Timber Systems

05.11.2021 − Stewart Milne Group wants to sell its timber-frame construction division Stewart Milne Timber Systems. » more

Nawaro pellet works due to start up from autumn 2022

28.10.2021 − Austrian Nawaro Energie presented the revised planning for the pellet works project in Göpfritz an der Wild announced at the end of 2020. » more

German pallet production down by 3.6%

21.10.2021 − A total of 26.1m box and flat wooden pallets were produced in Germany in the second quarter of 2021, roughly 3.6% less than in the same quarter of last year. » more

Belarusian pellet exports increase at double-digit rate

20.10.2021 − In the first half, Belarus exported 270,000 t of pellets at a value of US$27.1m. » more

Egoin aiming to boost annual CLT production to 52,000 m³

15.10.2021 − Egoin Wood Group is investing a total of €25m in enlarging its cross-laminated timber (CLT) capacity.» more

US pellet industry’s output boosted again

12.10.2021 − After the poor start to the year, the USA’s pellet output in the second quarter was back above the figure for a year earlier. » more

Pallet imports rise more sharply than exports

24.09.2021 − According to preliminary figures from the Federal Statistical Office, a total of around 32.790m flat wooden pallets were imported into Germany during the first six months.» more

Russia: 45% of exported pellets sold to Denmark

23.09.2021 − In the second quarter, the volume of Russian pellet exports decreased by 3% vis à vis the preceding year to 509,079 t. » more

Prices for solid wood continue to decline

17.09.2021 − In July/August, a significant increase in stocks as well as extended company holidays at many customers contributed to a noticeable decline in demand on the German markets for softwood lumber and wood products.» more

Belgian Foresco Group acquires Lapack

09.09.2021 − With effect from 27 August, Belgian packaging and pallet manufacturer Foresco Group has acquired Lapack, which is also active in pallet production and export packaging. » more

HPE indices for August partly decreased again

06.09.2021 − The increase in the wood price indices, which has been observed for months, slowed down considerably in August, and in two cases there were declines. » more

HS Timber extends pellet works in Kodersdorf

13.08.2021 − In June, HS Timber Group finished extending the recently completed pellet plant at the sawmilling facility of HS Timber Productions of Kodersdorf. » more