Adcuram Group completes takeover of Streif group

Adcuram Group has completed its acquisition of the Streif group of companies, active in prefabricated-house sector, that it had announced at the end of September. According to a release on 28 October, the share deal had previously been approved by the competition authorities. Adcuram has thus acquired all the company shares held by V&C, owned by the entrepreneur Jörg-Achim Vette.

The group mainly comprises Streif Haus, Streif, and FHT Fertig-Haustechnik. Danhaus Deutschland has also been part of the group since March this year. The prefabricated-house manufacturer Schwabenhaus has also been a group company since 2005. Schwabenhaus Polska has been taken over as well. Streif Objektbau and Danhaus Production are not included in the transaction, however. The companies build more than 1,000 houses per year, generating combined annual sales revenue of approximately €210m. The companies will continue to operate independently after the takeover.
According to Adcuram, the company will be investing in more machinery in the near future in order to enlarge its manufacturing capacity.

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