Wood products

Russian RFP Group builds pellet plant at Amursk site

06.12.2019 − The Russian RFP Group is currently constructing a pellet plant with a capacity of 100,000 t/year at the Amursk site. » more


Pinnacle: higher raw material costs lead to loss

29.11.2019 − In the third quarter higher production costs and write-downs compared to last year contributed to the fact that, at -Can$0.7m, net profit of Pinnacle transpired to be slightly negative. » more

CLT works in Sokol to start operation two months early

21.11.2019 − According to information from the superordinate Segezha, the construction of the cross-laminated timber (CLT) works in Sokol, Vologda oblast, in northwest Russia is right on schedule. » more

Prodesa supplies pellet works to UJU Vina Wood Pellet

19.11.2019 − Prodesa Medioambiente has supplied all the plant and machinery for a pellet works with an annual capacity of 120,000 t for Vietnamese UJU Vina Wood Pellet.» more

Ksilotek-Siberia installing third pellet press in Lesosibirsk

18.11.2019 − Ksilotek-Siberia will soon start installing a pellet press supplied by CPM Europe at the Lesosibirsk works. » more

Klaus Timber building second pallet works in Dvorec

14.11.2019 − Klaus Timber is currently building another pallet works with a total annual capacity of 3m pallets in the immediate vicinity of the existing facility in Dvorec. » more

Growth in worldwide pellet output to 55.7m t in 2018

14.11.2019 − At a total of 55.70m t, the worldwide output of pellets rose by 14 % last year. » more

SBA Group to invest 50m € in prefabricated houses

08.11.2019 − Lithuanian SBA Group wants to start building prefabricated houses and timber-construction modules with a greenfield investment.» more

Texas Pellets selling process now completed

07.11.2019 − The sale of Texas Pellets and German Pellets Texas to the subsidiary of Estonian Graanul Invest, Woodville Pellets, has now been completed. » more

German pellet production reaches new record high

06.11.2019 − At around 740,000 t, the highest production volume ever established for a single quarter in Germany was reached in the third quarter. » more

Construction of CLT plant in Sokol, Russia, on schedule

04.11.2019 − The construction of the cross laminated timber (CLT) plant at the Sokol/Oblast Vologda site in northwest Russia is proceeding according to plan, according to the information provided by the Segezha Group.» more

EPC anticipating increase in production of ENplus pellets

31.10.2019 − According to provisional estimates by (EPC and the association Bioenergy Europe the worldwide output of ENplus pellets earmarked mainly for sale on the heating market will rise to approximately 11,927m t.» more

Estonian Thermory buys Siparila planing works

28.10.2019 − Estonian thermally modified timber manufacturer Thermory has taken over Finnish Siparila. » more

Sawmill stoppages slowing Pinnacle’s production

24.10.2019 − Stoppages, cuts in output, and works closures in the sawmilling industry along with reduced felling in and higher felling costs are causing difficulties for the pellet industry in British Columbia as well.» more

Schilliger: CLT plant starts up production

21.10.2019 − After one and a half years of building time, on 24 July the first panel was produced at the cross laminated timber (CLT) plant of Schilliger Holz. » more

Katerra officially inaugurates CLT plant in Spokane

18.10.2019 − Katerra officially inaugurated cross laminated timber (CLT) production at the plant in Spokane Valley, Washington, on 20 September.» more

SmartLam wants to lift gluelam capacity to 590,000 m³

17.10.2019 − SmartLam took over the “IB XLam” CLT production activities of International Beams on 1 October and intends to build three more CLT works with a companied annual production capacity of 320,000 m³ by 2022.» more

Cooperation agreed between HIT Holz and inter.PAL

17.10.2019 − On the periphery of the “FachPack” trade fair, HIT Holzindustrie Torgau (HIT Holz) and the pallet service provider inter.PAL announced their close cooperation. » more

Enviva Partners aiming to build pellet works in Epes

14.10.2019 − Enviva Partners intends to build a pellet works with an initial capacity of 700,000 tpa at the Port of Epes Industrial Park in Epes, Alabama. » more

Crate and pallet production slowing slightly in Germany

14.10.2019 − The German federation of wooden packaging, pallets, and export packaging (HPE) is working from the assumption that growth in the second quarter was not as pronounced as in the first three months of this year.» more

Japan expected to consume 20m t of pellets in 2030

10.10.2019 − In Japan, pellet consumption is expected to rise to 20m t/year by 2030. » more

Renewed double-figure growth in US pellet output

04.10.2019 − The US output of pellets in the second quarter of 2019 was 16.6 % higher than in the same quarter of last year at 2.328m t.» more

Strong decline in foreign trade in pallets

30.09.2019 − In the first half of the year, both German pallet imports and exports fell, in some cases significantly.» more

Pre-fabricated construction share remains above 20%

16.09.2019 − The proportion of pre-fabricated houses, at 5,286 approved detached and semi-detached houses, amounted to 20.3% in the second quarter. » more

No turnover increase for Trex in second quarter

12.09.2019 − In the second quarter turnover of US WPC decking and building components manufacturer Trex decreased slightly to US$206.5m compared to the corresponding period in the previous year. » more

Binderholz completes CLT plant II at Burgbernheim

12.09.2019 − Austrian Binderholz completed construction of the cross laminated timber (CLT) plant II at the Burgbernheim location. » more

Warmeston installs two Bohnert drying presses

09.09.2019 − Since the beginning of 2019 Estonian pellet producer Warmeston has been reducing the water content of raw material by using two drying presses supplied by Bohnert Technik.» more

Masonite Appoints Sorice as Chief Innovation Officer

02.09.2019 − The US door manufacturer Masonite has appointed Cory Sorice as Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer effective August 19.» more

Ksilotek-Siberia installs second pellet line in Lesosibirsk

27.08.2019 − At the location of the Siberian pellet plant of Ksilotek-Siberia in Lesosibirsk groundwork for construction of a second pellet line recently commenced. » more

EU: Pellet consumption could reach 30 million tonnes

26.08.2019 − According to current estimates, the consumption of pellets within the EU could rise to a total of 30.0m tonnes in the current year. » more