Wood products

Accsys reports strong growth in sales and revenues

13.12.2017 − Accsys Technologies made a total of 18,034 m³ of acetylated solid timber sold under the Accoya name during the first half of its 2017/2018 financial year (ending on 31 March). » more


USA and Japan push German planed-product exports

12.12.2017 − The growth rates of +16% and 21% reached by German exports of planed products in the first and second quarters respectively were greatly exceeded again in the third quarter at +59% to 418,138 m³. » more

Adcuram to sell prefabricated house group to Equistone

11.12.2017 − Adcuram Group is selling its stakes in the prefabricated-house manufacturers Bien-Zenker and its subsidiary Living Fertighaus as well as Hanse Haus to Equistone Partners Europe as part of a share deal. » more

Södra orders CLT plant from Ledinek for Värö

28.11.2017 − Almost two months after the announcement of plans to add a cross-laminated timber (CLT) production plant to the Värö facility, » more

US authorities tighten regulations for ISPM violations

23.11.2017 − The U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authority has tightened its existing regulations for ISPM violation. » more

Holmen’s construction of CLT works shelved for time being

15.11.2017 − Swedish Holmen has temporarily shelved its plans for constructing a cross-laminated timber (CLT) works on the grounds of the Iggesund Timber sawmill. » more

Further slowing in growth of German pellet output

14.11.2017 − After growth rates of 28.1% in the first and 13.7% in the second quarter, the German output of pellets in the third quarter increased by 13.3% to 573,000 t.» more

Legal & General completes construction of CLT plant

13.11.2017 − British Legal & General Homes Modular, part of the British Legal & General Group, had largely completed the construction of its production facilities by the end of October. » more

SmartLam relocating CLT works to Weyerhaeuser plant

10.11.2017 − According to report in the local media, US-American SmartLam is planning to relocate its production operations to the former sawmilling premises of Weyerhaeuser, which were closed down in 2016.» more

Setra investing 300 million SEK in Hasselfors works

06.11.2017 − Swedish Setra Group is investing approximately 300m SEK in extending and updating its planing works in Hasselfors. » more

Prefabricated-building share now up to 19.6% in Germany

06.11.2017 − The number of authorised prefabricated detached and semi-detached houses in Germany is still growing at a faster rate than the number of houses built in the conventional way. » more

Hekotek to supply pellet works to Ksilotek-Sibir in Siberia

02.11.2017 − Estonian Hekotek recently concluded a contract with Ksilotek-Sibir, a subsidiary of Russian Segezha Group, for the delivery of pellet works. » more

Schweighofer adding gluelam works to Kodersdorf facility

01.11.2017 − Holzindustrie Schweighofer is planning to invest a total of some 30m € in the Kodersdorf facility, acquired from Klausner Holz Sachsen (KHS) in 2015, in the next two years. » more

ENplus: 2017 pellet production at estimated 9.2m t

31.10.2017 − For 2017 there are preliminary indications of a 12% increase in global ENplus certified pellet production to 9.2m t. » more

Deutsche Fertighaus Holding turnover up by 32%

30.10.2017 − 2016 DFH Deutsche Fertighaus Holding generated turnover of € 446.8m, corresponding to an increase of some 31.5% - or €107.1m - by comparison with the preceding year. » more

Katerra planning to build a CLT works in Washington

26.10.2017 − US-American Katerra, mainly active in building apartment blocks and commercial buildings, is planning to build a works for manufacturing cross-laminated timber (CLT) and other gluelam timber products.» more

Binderholz working with building firms in Australia

20.10.2017 − Austrian Binderholz recently concluded an exclusive agreement with Australian Strongbuild for the sale and distribution of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and gluelam-timber products in Australia and New Zealand.» more

France: Production of wooden barrels grew only slightly

19.10.2017 − French manufacturers of wooden barrels increased their production by 2.2% to 601,595 units in 2016. » more

Accsys: Building measures lead to fall in production

13.10.2017 − In the first five months of the 2017/2018 financial year (31 March), British Accsys Technologies produced a total of 16,124m³ acetylated solid wood, which is marketed under the name Accoya. » more

Ikea increases pellet capacity in Poland

10.10.2017 − At the beginning of September, Ikea Industry Poland, which belongs to the Ikea Group, commissioned a pellet plant with an annual capacity of 60,000t at the Stalowa Wola sawmill location. » more

Deufol lowers turnover and results forecast for 2017

09.10.2017 − German Deufol records a turnover decrease of 10.4% to €145.1m for the first half. » more

Arensis takes over pellet works from Verdo Renewables

22.09.2017 − The US company Arensis of Los Angeles, California, active in mains-independent power supply and waste recycling, took over the Grangemouth pellet works in Scotland.» more

Södra adding cross-laminated timber works to Värö

19.09.2017 − The Swedish company Södra is setting up a cross-laminated timber (CLT) production plant at its Väro facility by the beginning of 2019.» more

Timber-construction firms’ sales up by 10.8%

13.09.2017 − German carpentry and timber-construction businesses generated roughly 10.8% higher sales revenue in May 2017 than in the same month of last year. » more

Latvian FRIP taken over by scantling producer GBM

11.09.2017 − Latvian Pallant, trading under the name of GBM (Glue Beam Manufacturing) since May 2016, took over the assets of FRIP in March. » more

Proportion of prefabricated houses keeps increasing

08.09.2017 − In Germany, at 9,833 houses, there was a 4.1% increase in approvals of prefabricated detached and semi-detached houses from January to June vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year. » more

Silvadec’s new WPC works operating at full capacity

07.09.2017 − The new production facility put into operation in Schierling, Bavaria, by French Silvadec in March, is meanwhile being run at largely full capacity. » more

Pfeifer’s CLT works in Schlitz instead of Lauterbach

04.09.2017 − Austrian Pfeifer Group will be resuming operation of the facility of Pfeifer Holz Schlitz and also build the cross-laminated timber (CLT) works there that had originally been planned for Lauterbach.» more

Pellet prices decline for six consecutive months

01.09.2017 − Retail prices for A1 pellets also declined in August, however, compared to the preceding month the decrease remained below the 1% mark – at -0.35% to €230.46/t – as was the case in July and June. » more

Stelmet building another pellet works at Mr Garden facility

31.08.2017 − Polish Stelmet began construction work on a pellet works at the facility of the subsidiary Mr Garden in Grudziadz at the end of May. » more