USA: slower increase in softwood plywood imports

In the first quarter, the USA imported a total volume of 409,065m³ softwood plywood. According to the current export trade statistics of the US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) the preceding year’s figure was exceeded by 14%. However, compared to the preceding quarters (Q3: +21% to 589,841m³, Q4: +55% to 599,725m³), this corresponds to a lower import volume as well as growth rate.

The positive development in the first quarter was once again attributable to increased deliveries from South America (+26% to 304,205m³). As in the second half of 2020, this was primarily due to the increase recorded concerning imports from Brazil (+49% to 199,337m³). By contrast, the volume of softwood plywood imported from Chile declined by 6% to 86,300m³. A similar rate of decline was recorded in the case of imports from Canada (-7% to 59,566m³). Starting from a low initial value, imports from China also decreased by 9% to 35,670m³. After imports from China had plummeted in the same quarter last year (-48%), continual increases had subsequently been recorded until the end of the year.

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