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USA: drop in hardwood plywood imports from China

08.04.2019 − 

In the fourth quarter of 2018 the USA imported a total of 660,374m³ hardwood plywood. This decline of 1% vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year means the trend observed in the preceding quarter (+31% to 727,271m³) has once again reversed. In the first (-40% to 567,282m³) and second (-11% to 701,300m³) quarters imports were below the respective figures of the previous year.

As in the rest of 2018, development in the fourth quarter was mainly determined by higher deliveries from south-east Asia (+53% to 292,622m³). This compensated, in particular, the 50% decrease to 106,295m³ in imports from China. Deliveries by Chinese manufacturers - since the USA initially imposed tariffs to level out subsidies in April 2017, followed by anti-dumping duties on Chinese hardwood plywood deliveries - declined at rates of between 38% and 85% in all individual quarters compared to the corresponding quarter in the preceding year.

Over the entire period of 2018 the USA imported a total of 2.656m m³ hardwood plywood. Deliveries from the EU, which had already improved by 10% in 2017, increased by a further 6% to 141,156m³ compared to the preceding year.

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