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Sveza is realising investment projects in plywood sector

10.09.2011 − 

After rather cautious investment activity in 2009 and 2010, the Russian birch plywood manufacturer Sveza now intends to realise an extensive modernisation programme over three years comprising investment in all the group’s mills. Sveza’s COO Sergey Stenin told EUWID that the focus here was on improving product quality and increasing the proportion of total output accounted for by value-added plywood assortments. Capacity is to be increases as well by greater automation of the production processes. The aim is to supply more to industrial buyers in the vehicle construction and furniture industries. The volume of sales to the building industry is to be further increased, too. Sveza had already founded a sales office in Hamburg in autumn 2010 with the aim of pushing the company’s entry into the industrial-customer business in Germany and in other European countries.

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