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Slight rise in Russian plywood exports recorded

12.07.2019 − 

Following double-digit increases in three out of four quarters as well as over the entire period of 2018, Russian birch plywood exports increased only slightly in the first quarter. Export trade statistics of the Russian customs authority record an increase of 2% to 630,774m³. Deliveries to Egypt increased by three quarters to 116,724m³ whereas exports to the USA declined by one third to 73,545m³ Double-digit increases were recorded in each case for the four next-largest export markets (Germany +21% to 60,978m³, the Netherlands +58% to 26,610m³, Poland +18% to 26,491m³, Italy +26% to 23.360m³). Finland (-6% to 22,395m³) and Great Britain (-16% to 18,913m³) remained below the preceding year’s figures, in contrast. Exports to Latvia fell by almost two thirds to 14,746m³.

Russian exports of softwood plywood decreased by 11% to 27,060m³ in the first quarter. The downward trend observed last year therefore continued. Increases - against the trend - were recorded on the two largest sales markets of Denmark (+25% to 6,485m³) and the Netherlands (+28% to 5,092m³).

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