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Slight decline only in Latvian plywood exports

02.07.2020 − 

Latvian plywood exports in the first quarter remained only slightly below the preceding year’s figure. According to the forestry department within the Latvian ministry of agriculture, export deliveries declined by 0.4% to 90,610m³, whilst the export value fell by 8.6% to €59.6m. Even more significant decreases were recorded for volume and value (-15.6% to 326,442m³ and -14.3% to €224.7m respectively) over the entire period of 2019.

For both key figures, the comparative values were adjusted vis à vis the originally published information. An export volume of 71,435m³ at a value of €52.6m was initially reported for the first quarter of 2019. With the exception of Turkey, export volumes to all separately listed countries were adjusted significantly upwards. The most significant correction was for Great Britain. According to the current statistics, Latvia delivered a total of 14,197m³ plywood to Great Britain in the comparative quarter of the preceding year, more than twice as much as was originally calculated.

Almost all relevant sales markets contributed to the decline in plywood exports now reported for the first quarter. Only deliveries to Turkey were able to more than triple, to 8,469m³. After considerable declines in the comparative quarter of the preceding year, however, Turkey still remained below the volume of 9,792m³ achieved in the first quarter of 2018. Deliveries to Germany dropped by 19.8% to 14,427m³. Great Britain continues to rank second among the most important sales markets for Latvian plywood (-5.7% to 13,382m³). The most significant decreases were recorded in deliveries to France (-30.9% to 4,133m³). With that, not only Turkey but also the Netherlands (-4.5% to 5,566m³) overtook France. By contrast, exports to all other countries not listed separately were, at 44,633m³, slightly above the preceding year’s figures.

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