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Significant surge in elliotis pine plywood exports

05.01.2021 − 

Brazilian elliotis pine plywood exports to Europe rebounded this November after spiralling lower in August, September and October. Export statistics from Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Madeira Processada Mecanicamente (Abimci) show that 78,354 m³ ended up in Europe – 75% more than October’s sum of 44,691 m³ and 26% more than November 2019’s figure of 61,956 m³. The UK was the single-largest market in Europe with November deliveries of 36,233 m³, followed by Germany (13,429 m³), Italy (9,847 m³) and Belgium (9.258 m³). Exports to Belgium more than doubled compared with October. The UK (+74%) and Italy (+72%) sourced much more Brazilian elliotis pine plywood than the previous months. Shipments to Germany soared by 53%.

The US was the destination for just 79,899 m³ in November. This was the first time since June that exports to this country had receded below the 100,000 m³ mark. This dive is mainly due to cautious buying by US customers in October. Orders from the US bounced back strongly starting in late October. These orders will likely not be reflected in export statistics until December because of relatively long lead times.

All told, Brazil exported 40% more elliotis pine plywood this November than in the penultimate month of 2019 with a total of 238,234 m³. An 18% growth to 2.216 million m³ was booked for the first 11 months combined, which is already more than the amount shipped abroad in the entirety of 2019 (2.063 million m³).

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