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Second English-language version EUWID Special released

26.03.2018 − 

The second EUWID Special edition appeared on 16 March. On almost 60 pages and under the title of “EUWID Special: Wood-Based Panels”, this magazine deals with the latest topics relating to plant and machine-engineering, the wood-based panel sector and its supplier industries given coverage in the weekly “EUWID Holz und Holzwerkstoffe“ and “EUWID Wood Products and Panels” information services.

The EUWID Special concept, firmly established in the market for 20 years, is made international by this magazine. The second edition of “EUWID Special: Wood-Based Panels” is focussed on an overview of the changes in the wood-based panel and surfaces industries in the past year, investment in new wood-based panel plants worldwide, the latest developments on the international wood-based panel markets, and on new and expansion investment measures in décor printing. The available information is supplemented by an outline of topics relating to the flooring and furniture sectors.
The complete issue can be downloaded as a PDF by visiting www.euwid-wood-products.com. If you are interested in a printed edition, please send your postal address to holz@euwid.de

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