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Pfleiderer reports stronger revenues and EBIT

29.04.2019 − 

Pfleiderer Group delivered a 5.6% improvement in group revenues to €1.063bn in the 2018 financial year, according to preliminary figures released on 10 April. Some €1.045bn of this sum was generated by selling products. The biggest product groups were coated board with €463.0m, raw particleboard with €195.0m and MDF/HDF with €114.7m. About 48% of revenues combined came from coated and lacquered board. Raw particleboard contributed 19%, laminates and elements 16% combined and raw MDF/HDF 11%. Other products and services provided the other 6%. Some 45% of revenues were generated in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, 24% in Poland, 22% in the rest of Western Europe, 6% in the rest of Eastern Europe and 3% in markets outside Europe. Germany was the single-largest market with revenues of €462.8m, followed by Poland with €253.0m, the UK with €59.0m, the Netherlands with €41.1m, France with €37.3m, Italy with €25.9m and Switzerland with €21.3m.

Industry was the largest distribution channel with 44% of revenues. Some 28% came from business with merchants, 5% from the construction segment, 17% from exports and 6% from other areas. Broken down by customer groups, industry accounted for 59% of revenues, merchants for 35% and others for 6%. The ten biggest customers contributed 16% of group revenues, with the 12 next-largest buyers adding another 12%.

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