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Pfleiderer planning to invest in Neumarkt and Novgorod

09.06.2011 − 

Pfleiderer is currently pursuing two major investment projects: the replacement of two multi-opening presses at Plant II in Neumarkt with a continuous press and the completion of an MDF/HDF mill in Novgorod. The replacement in Neumarkt will see the company use a forming and press line that Pfleiderer Holzwerkstoffe Gschwend permanently closed in October 2010. This 7ft x 24m continuous press was supplied by Dieffenbacher and has an installed capacity of around 300,000m³ per year. The funds needed to modernise and transfer the machinery were included in the group’s financing plan for 2012. Planning work is already underway, with the project due to be completed some time in the second half of 2012. Construction work on the MDF/HDF mill in Novgorod, which was suspended indefinitely in the second half of 2009, resumed in mid-April, Pfleiderer announced.

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