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Particleboard sales falling by double-digit percentages

09.02.2021 − 

North American particleboard and MDF/HDF producers enjoyed a noticeable recovery in their sales in the third quarter. This came after sales plunged in the second quarter, primarily because of stoppages associated with the pandemic. Despite the third-quarter rebound, sales were still lower than the prior-year period amidst greater variations from one region to another. Statistics from the Composite Panel Association (CPA) show that particleboard sales were down 6% at 1.363 million m³ in the third quarter. However, sales were 21% higher than the second quarter’s sum of 1.124 million m³. By way of comparison, North American particleboard manufacturers’ sales were down 2% in a year-on-year comparison at 1.377 million m³ between January and March 2020.

Canadian particleboard producers fared much worse than US manufacturers in all three quarters. Within the US, the variations between the west and east of the country became more pronounced during the course of 2020.

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