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OSB production grew in each individual quarter of 2020

20.04.2021 − 

According to preliminary data from the Federal Statistical Office, in the fourth quarter German OSB production rose by 11.5% to 308,770m³. After slight growth rates in Q1 (+2.4% to 319,589m³) and Q2 (+1.0% to 303,511m³), a double-digit percentage range increase could be achieved, as had also been the case in Q3 (+10.4% to 302,003m³). Over the entire year, OSB production rose by 6.1% vis à vis the preceding year to 1.234m m³ and was therefore back at the level achieved in 2018 (1.230m m³). Production once again fell considerably short of the volumes achieved in 2017 (1.452m m³), however.

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