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Nearly two thirds of duty-free quota already used up

01.03.2019 − 

The duty-free quota for softwood plywood imports into the EU is being used up more quickly this year than in 2018. Close to two thirds of the 650,000 m³ quota was already depleted in the first seven weeks. The European Commission’s Directorate General for Taxation and Customs Union announced that 422,600 m³ or 65% of the total amount had been imported duty-free by 19 February. Around 350,000 m³ of this sum had been booked in January. Another 70,000 m³ or so was allocated in the first half of February, leaving 227,400 m³ available. Last year, 358,787 m³ or 55 % of the total amount had been allotted by 19 February. The Directorate General responsible for the quota had previously re-credited 117,306 m³ with effect from 9 February, making a correction for its inexplicably quick depletion in January.

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