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Latvian plywood exports continue to decline

17.08.2018 − 

According to the foreign trade statistics published by the Forest Department in the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture, a total of 72,900 m³ of plywood was exported from Latvia in the first quarter, a decrease of 24.6% compared to the same period last year. The value of goods decreased by 17.7% to € 51.9m. The downward trend that began last year has thus continued.

Deliveries to Germany fell by more than half to 9,900 m³. Nevertheless, Germany remained the largest customer for Latvian plywood in the first quarter. Exports to Great Britain also fell significantly by 29.2% to 7,700 m³. In contrast, the export volume to Turkey increased by 32.4% to 9,800 m³ of plywood. In terms of volume, Turkey has thus taken second place among the most important sales markets.

Plywood imports rose again in the first quarter by 29.5% to 33,900 m³. The import value even increased by 47.2% to €15.4 million. From Russia, by far the largest supplier country, around 28,400 m³ of plywood was imported into Latvia, an increase of 28%.

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