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Latvia exported less plywood in the third quarter

04.01.2021 − 

Latvian plywood exports decreased again in the third quarter when compared with the two previous quarters. Nonetheless, Latvian companies still shipped slightly more abroad than they had between July and September 2019. Statistics from the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture indicate that Latvia exported 90,610 m³ (-0.4%) in the first quarter and 88,090 m³ (+10.3%) in the second quarter. The third quarter ended with a 1.6% growth to 80,500.

These diverging trends in different quarters translate into a 3.7% improvement in exports to 259,200 m³ in the nine-month period. However, the value of these exports slipped by 3.7% to €168.6m. Almost all of the biggest sales markets fared worse than last year. The resulting drop in shipments was more than erased by exports to Turkey almost tripling to 25,200 m³ and deliveries to other countries rising by 4.9% to 130,900 m³. Despite a 5.8% slump to 45,200 m³, Germany remains the biggest export market by quite some margin, especially since shipments to Latvia’s second-largest destination, the UK, tumbled by 20.6% to 29,600 m³. Exports to France were down 13.1% at 12,400 m³, while deliveries to the Netherlands fell by 6.3% to 15,900 m³.

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