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Laminate flooring production at highest level in two years

27.01.2021 − 

During the third quarter German MDF/HDF production developed along inconsistent lines. For thin boards (goods tariff number 1621 15 230) the Federal Statistical Office recorded an increase of 23.4% vis à vis the comparative period of 2019 to 66,793m³ in its current production statistics. This significant rise is due partly to the relatively low preceding year’s figure. The only time in recent years a higher production volume was recorded, however, was a figure of 68,636m³ in the first quarter of 2020.

Laminate flooring production, which is also included in the MDF/HDF statistics, increased by 9.6% to 43.1m m³, according to the preliminary figures, and thus achieved the highest increase rate since the first quarter of 2018 (43.6m m²). In the case of processed MDF furniture boards (1621 15 299), the volume was at the same level as in the previous year at 67,283m³ (67,068m³). With regard to the other product segments, in contrast, the Federal Statistical Office once again recorded negative development. Production of HDF intended for sale (1621 15 431), at 475,899m³, fell 1.4% short of the preceding year’s figure. As had been the case in the previous quarter, no information regarding volume of total HDF production was provided in the current production statistics. A more considerable decline in production was recorded for unprocessed MDF furniture boards (1621 14 291). Here, total production decreased by 2.7% to 175,828m³, in the case of furniture boards intended for sale the drop (-7.2% to 117,827m³) was even more significant.

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