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Hardly any change in composite-panel sales in 2017

05.02.2018 − 

The North American chipboard and MDF/HDF industry closed 2017 as a whole at more or less the same level as the year before. The relatively sluggish development in sales volume continues to be regarded as attributable to what is still relatively low growth in output in the US furniture industry and the increasing imports of chipboard and MDF/HDF.

According to the statistics presented by the Composite Panel Association (CPA) in mid-January, a total of 5.856m m³ of chipboard were sold in North America last year. The 1.5% reduction in sales volume in the third quarter was compensated for by slightly better development in the fourth quarter (+1.3%). The volume of chipboard sales in the first and second quarters remained roughly on par with the previous year’s levels.

The volume of MDF/HDF sales rose by 2.0% in the year as a whole to 3.980m m³. This increase is partly attributable to the March reopening of the MDF works in Quesnel, British Columbia, trading under the name of “WestPine” which had been damaged by an explosion and an ensuing fire in early March 2016. In contrast to chipboard, the volume of MDF/HDF sales showed the best development in the third quarter at +6.0%. Slight growth of +0.6% and +2.1% had been registered in the first and second quarters respectively. Development in the fourth quarter, however, fell 0.7% short of the previous year’s figure.

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