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German OSB production decreased sharply

23.01.2020 − 

A total of 273,575 m³ of OSB (commodity tariff number 1621 13 160) was manufactured in Germany during the third quarter. This 17.3% drop compared with the same stretch in 2018 means that the rate of decline represented a marked increase compared with previous quarters (Q1: -0.6% to 312,061 m³, Q2: -0.8% to 300,409 m³). Before this, the German Federal Statistical Office had typically reported downturns in the double-digit percentage range from mid-2017 onwards.

The value of the OSB made in Germany tumbled 16.4% to €66.3m in the third quarter. The significant growth posted in the eight previous quarters had already started to slow mid-year (Q1: +10.8% to €81.3m, Q2: +0.2% to €75.4m).

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