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German foreign trade in OSB heading upwards again

09.03.2018 − 

After the losses in the third quarter of 2017, German exports and imports of OSB recovered again to some degree at the end of the year with both export and import volumes higher than both the preceding quarter and a year earlier. The fourth quarter was the second-best quarter of last year for imports; the first and second quarters turned out to be better for exports.

Provisional data from Destatis, German exports of OSB in the fourth quarter were 9% higher than a year earlier at 124,847 m³. All of the relevant markets contributed to this growth. Overall, German OSB exports fluctuated quite substantially over the individual quarter. After a reduction of 2% to 134,305 m³ in the first quarter, they rose by 8% in the second to 141,010 m³. Destatis then recorded a double-figure reduction of 12% for the third quarter to 118,913 m³. Germany exported 519,075 m³ of OSB in 2017 as whole.

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