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Further turnover increase for Grigeo Baltwood

10.06.2020 − 

In the first quarter Grigeo Baltwood achieved an increase in turnover for the fifth consecutive time. In 2018 the company only achieved stable development vis à vis the previous year in the first quarter. In the following three quarters turnover declined (Q1: €4.2m, Q2: €3.7m, Q3: €3.6m, Q4: €3.5m). Last year, by contrast, increases were recorded in all quarters (Q1: €4.4m, Q2: €3.7m, Q3: €4.0m, Q4: €4.0m).

Over the entire period of 2019 turnover generated with hardboard therefore rose by 8% to €16.2m, gross profit improved by as much as 62% to €2.1m. At a turnover increase of 10% to €4.8m, the first quarter improved vis à vis the preceding quarters in absolute as well as relative terms. At €985,031, gross profit more than tripled.

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