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Further reduction in British imports of particleboard

03.02.2020 − 

The reduction that occurred in the UK’s imports of particleboard in the second quarter became more pronounced in the third quarter. At 213,000 m³ the figure was 31.3 % lower than a year earlier. 80,000 m³ of this was accounted for by July, 71,000 m³ by August, and 62,000 m³ by September. According to the foreign-trade statistics compiled by the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) particleboard imports had fallen by 7.8 % in the second quarter to 201,000 m³; in the first quarter, on the other hand, they had risen by 8.2 % to 243,000 m³. This gives a cumulated reduction of 12.3 % over the nine-month period to 657,000 m³. Belgium and Ireland contributed to this reduction, as well as Italy, Spain, Poland, and Latvia to a slightly lesser extent. The imports from Germany, France, and Portugal, however, rose by +4 to +6 % each. As such, 31 % of the total particleboard imports came from Germany until September, 28 % from France, and 14 % from Belgium. Portugal contributed 11 %, and Ireland 6 %.

978,000 m³ was imported into the UK in 2018 as a whole. Conversely, 70,000 m³ of particleboard were exported from the UK at that time. Last year, this level had already been almost reached by the end of September at 68,000 m³, surpassing the previous year’s volume by 26 %.

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