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Further growth in Methanex’ sales revenue and result

22.02.2019 − 

The volume of methanol sold by Methanex in the fourth quarter of 2018 fell by 3.5 % to 2.752m t falling short of the level of a year earlier for the first time again since the fourth quarter of 2015. As the average obtained methanol price of 401 US$/t was 14.6 % higher than a year earlier, sales revenue increased by 13.5 % nevertheless to 977m US$. Higher costs and a lower sales volume of internally-produced methanol impaired the key performance figures, however. Adjusted EBITDA fell by 22.4 % to 197m US$, and the adjusted net result to by 37.1 % to 90m US$.

In the year as a whole, however, sales revenue and performance figures were increased. Sales revenue rose by 28.5 % to 3.932bn US$. Adjusted EBITDA rose to a similar extent to 1.071bn US$. The adjusted net result underwent a 35.9 % improvement to 556m US$.

The increases achieved in prices were the main factor contributing to the improvements in sales revenue and the result. The non-discounted selling price (posted price) rose by 21.5 % to 481 US$/t and the obtained selling price was 20.2 % higher than a year earlier at 405 US$/t. The sold volume of methanol also increased in 2018, by 5.1 % to 11.208m t. The sold volume of internally-produced methanol fell 3.1 % short of the figure for the same period of the previous year at 7.002m t whereas an increase was registered in the volume of sales of externally-purchased methanol (+32.5 % to 3.032m t) and volumes produced under contract (+2.0 % to 1.174m t).

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