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Further decline in British imports of wood-based panels

05.11.2018 − 

Imports of British particleboard and OSB in the second quarter were lower than a year earlier. In the case of particleboard, the decline observed in the first quarter (-2.7% to 217,000 m³) intensified somewhat in the subsequent period. According to the foreign trade statistics compiled by the Timber Trade Federation (TTF), imports fell by 5.4 % to 212,000 m³. OSB imports even fell by 21.1 % to 90,000 m³ in the second quarter from the significantly higher level of the previous year, after having increased by 8.3 % to 85,000 m³ in the first three months. In the case of MDF/HDF, the decline in the first quarter (-14.1 % to 177,000 m³) was turned back into an increase of 4.9 % to 191,000 m³. Imports of OSB and MDF/HDF increased from the first to the second quarter, with the exception of particleboard, which also declined compared with the previous quarter.

According to the TTF figures, British particleboard imports fell by 4.0% to 429,000 m³ over the entire first half of the year. British OSB and MDF/HDF imports developed in opposite directions in the first and second quarters. Since the decline in one quarter was more pronounced than the increase in the other, there was a minus for the entire first half of the year in both cases. OSB imports fell by 9.2% to 175,000 m³. At 368,000 m³, MDF/HDF imports were 5.3 % lower than in the previous year.

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