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Finnish plywood production minimally down year on year

17.02.2017 − 

According to figures published on 3 February by the Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF) production volume, at 1.140m m³, declined year on year by 1.1%. 2015 had already suffered a similar decrease from the figure of 1.160m m³ seen in 2014. Following the upward trend shown from 2009 to 2014, production volume has now stabilised at a relatively firm level.

That production level is far below the record levels reached in the years 2006 (1.415m m³) and 2007 (1.410m m³), and considerably less than the 1.265m m³ quoted for 2008. However, Finnish plywood production in the fourth quarter of 2016 had shown sharp growth vis-à-vis the preceding quarters. At 310,000 m³, production was at its highest level since the first quarter of 2014, when it also reached 310,000 m³. Prior to that, the Finnish plywood industry had last produced more than 300,000 m³ in a single quarter in mid-2008.

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