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EU duty-free quota might last until mid-July

08.07.2021 − 

The duty-free quota for softwood plywood imports into the EU-27 is still slow to be depleted. Some 445,115 m³ or 92% of the original 482,648 m³ quota had been called off by 29 June, with 37,533 m³ left. According to statistics from the European Commission’s Directorate General for Taxation and Customs Union, around 144,000 m³ of softwood plywood had been imported into the EU-27 duty-free in January. Another 60,000 m³ or so followed in February and again in March, with 70,000 m³ imported against the quota in April and about 65,000 m³ in May. Almost 47,000 m³ had been delivered so far in June, with around 37,000 m³ of this sum being used up in the past three weeks. If the quota continues to be filled at the same speed, it will not be exhausted until mid-July this year.

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