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EPF wants to introduce voluntary emission class E1/2

08.05.2019 − 

The European Panel Federation (EPF) has now also concretized its position in the increasingly intensive discussions on reducing formaldehyde emissions from wood-based materials that have been going on for several months. The association continues to call for a Europe-wide binding specification of emission class E1. Class E2, which is still permissible in individual countries and listed in the EU Building Products Regulation, is to be finally eliminated. These objectives had already been formulated by the EPF in the "Compulsory E1" initiative launched in the course of 2015.

In addition to class E1, which is based on a limit value of 0.1 ppm or 0.124 mg/m³, the EPF wants to introduce a voluntary class E1/2 with a limit value of 0.05 ppm or 0.062 mg/m³. This limit is to apply to all types of wood-based materials. For the determination of formaldehyde emissions, the test chamber method described in EN 717-1 shall continue to be used as the reference method. These objectives (Europe-wide uniform specification of E1, new voluntary class E1/2, reference method EN 717-1) were adopted by the EPF Annual General Meeting held in Brussels on 27 November.

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