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Elliotis pine plywood exports up 25% in Q3

02.11.2017 − 

Brazilian elliotis pine plywood exports rose even more in the third quarter than they had in the first two quarters of this year. Export statistics from the Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Madeira Processada Mecanicamente (Abimci) show a significant double-digit growth in shipments in all three months compared with the previous year.

Exports were 33% higher at 186,546 m³ in July; August was 20% better than the same month last year with deliveries of 191,786 m³. In September, exports leapt 24% to 179,173 m³. The entire third quarter thus ended with shipments of 557,505 m³, a 25% increase compared with the prior-year period. First-quarter exports were 14% higher at 464,757 m³. The second quarter was a little weaker with a 9% upturn to 464,660 m³. June was the weakest month of the stretch with exports of 139,764 m³, 4% less than the prior-year period. February saw a 4% improvement.

The Abimci statistics show double-digit growth rates between 12% and 33% for all other months. August and July were the strongest months by some margin, followed by September and March. The considerable growth in third-quarter exports sent the growth rates for the year to date higher as well. Exports had risen 14% after three months; the first six months combined ended with an 11% growth. Brazil’s elliotis pine plywood exports had jumped 16% to 1.487m m³ by the end of September.

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