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Elliotis pine exports edged 27% higher in February as well

26.03.2018 − 

Brazilian elliotis pine plywood exports are continuing on a steady upward path this year. In February, the country exported a total of 189,220 m³, according to export statistics from Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Madeira Processada Mecanicamente (Abimci). Just as happened in January, Brazil had exported 27% more than in the same month last year. A 3% growth rate was also recorded compared with January’s export total of 182,915 m³. Looking at the first two months combined, exports leapt 27% to 372,135 m³.

Shipments to Europe climbed 22% to 189,035 m³; 92,764 m³ of this sum was recorded in January and 96,271 m³ in February. Exports to North America increased 39% to 142,826 m³ in the same period; this figure was split almost equally between January (71,093 m³) and February (71,733 m³). Central America was the destination for 18,001 m³ in the first two months, with 7,618 m³ going to Africa, 7,290 m³ to Oceania, 4,645 m³ to South America and 2,721 m³ to Asia.

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