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Egger further expanded sales in all divisions

07.01.2019 − 

The Egger Group increased its consolidated group turnover in the first half of the 2018/2019 financial year by 8.2 % to € 1.432 bn compared with the same period last year.

All divisions of the Egger Group, which were reorganised at the beginning of the current financial year, contributed to this development. The former "Building Products" division was dissolved. Most of the OSB business will be allocated to the decorative segment, which will be regionally separated with the new structure, while the sawn timber business, which is covered by the sawmill in Brilon, will be allocated to the newly created "Others" segment. This segment also includes companies with group functions as well as the particleboard and MDF plant Concordia/Argentina, which was acquired in September 2017. With the inclusion of the Argentinian plant for the first time over the entire half-year, unconsolidated divisional sales rose by 62.3% year-on-year to €151.1 m.

The business with materials for furniture and interior design, which had previously been combined in the "Decorative Products" division, was divided into the three regional units "Decorative Products Central" (half-year sales +2.4% to €437.4 m), "Decorative Products West" (+8.2% to €357.0 m) and "Decorative Products East" (+1.7% to €428.2 m). Cumulated across the three regional units, unconsolidated sales increased by 3.8 % to € 1.223 bn. The unconsolidated sales of the Flooring Products division increased by 4.7 % to € 225.3 m.

In Western Europe, with the Egger sales regions North West Europe, Great Britain/Ireland, South West Europe and Central South Europe, the Egger Group generated a total of € 848.7 m or 59.8 % of Group sales. Eastern Europe (Central and Eastern Europe as well as Russia) accounted for € 424.6 m or 30.7 %. Non-European markets with the sales regions America and Overseas contributed € 158.7 m or 9.5 % of Group sales.

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