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Covestro to boost MDI capacity in Tarragona

26.02.2018 − 

Covestro wants to raise the annual capacity of its MDI plant in Tarragona, Spain by 50,000 tonnes to about 220,000 tonnes by 2022 through a debottlenecking project. The company will first get its own chlorine production unit to supply the facility by 2020. Covestro mainly intends to boost the site’s cost efficiency by making investments totalling about €200m.

In December 2015, the company had cited excessively high production costs caused mainly by uncompetitive chlorine supply as the reason for ceasing MDI production in Tarragona at that time. This decision was tabled in early 2017 because global demand for MDI had become much stronger. Covestro’s COO Dr Markus Steilemann said that Covestro presently believes that demand for MDI will continue to exceed demand.

In this vein, the company is sticking to plans to expand its complex in Brunsbüttel. MDI capacity, which Covestro puts at about 200,000 tonnes per year, is to double to about 400,000 tonnes per year as a result of the rebuilding project on a closed TDI plant there. Commissioning is currently slated for the end of 2018.

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