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CMPC: Decline in plywood sales continues

24.11.2017 − 

In the third quarter, Chilean Empresas CMPC sold a total volume of 80,000m³ plywood. Vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year, sales therefore dropped by 26%. The figure was 17% short of the volume of 96,000m³ achieved from April to June. Sales declined for the first time in the second quarter following consecutive quarterly rises of over 20% since the beginning of 2016.

CMPC attributes lower sales of plywood to late deliveries. According to the company, this was also the reason for declines in sales of lumber (-30%) and further processed lumber products (-22%) in the forestry subdivision, in which roundwood and lumber activities - as well as plywood business - are consolidated. By contrast, sales of industrial timber to external purchasers in the pulp industry were 64% below the preceding year’s figure due to higher levels of internal deliveries within Chile as well as poor business in Argentina. A lower rate of roundwood felling in Argentina also led to a decrease in sawlog deliveries to the sawmill industry (-23%). Sales recorded by CMPC under the others subdivision remained 45% below the preceding year’s level.

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