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Chilean plywood exports still heading lower

05.01.2018 − 

Chile’s radiata pine plywood exports fell 8.3% to 325,049 t in the first nine months of this year. However, a 2.2% increase in export prices partly made up for the decline in volumes. Instituto Forestal (Infor) reported that the value of exports had tumbled 6.3% to $239.0m FOB in the same period.

Radiata pine plywood exports rose 3.3% in volume terms and 5.2% in value terms during the first quarter. The turnaround that materialised in the second quarter meant that the first six months ended with a 7.5% fall in quantities and a 6.4% reduction in the value of these deliveries.

During the first nine months, Chile exported 3.4% more to its leading export market, the US, with 131,957 t; the value of this radiata pine plywood was 1.8% lower than in the prior-year period at $100.4m. The amount exported to Mexico and its value tumbled more than 40% to 44,516 t valued at $29.6m. With a 17.8% growth in exports to 24,057 t and a 30.0% jump in value to $16.5m, the Netherlands overtook the UK as the third-biggest sales market. Shipments to the UK dived 32.4% to 15,374 t with a 29.1% reduction in value to $12.2m. Australia also surpassed the UK in volume terms with deliveries of 15,648 t. In the ranking of export value, Australia held on to fifth place despite a 8.3% growth to $11.7m.

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