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Chairman of advisory board now managing Siempelkamp

10.07.2020 − 

Christoph Michel, who has been the CEO and spokesperson of the board of directors at G. Siempelkamp since the start of 2019, left the company with effect from 30 June. The chairman of the advisory board Dr Martin Stark, who has held this role since June 2017, will take over managing Siempelkamp on an interim basis until a successor is found. Dr Stark will not take up his mandate on the advisory board during this period. Dr Stark had also taken over the reins as chairman from Dr Dieter Siempelkamp upon his appointment to the advisory board. Dr Stark had been a board member and later also a personally liable partner at Freudenberg between May 2005 and the end of January 2013. After departing the technology firm, he had held supervisory board positions at several companies and has also stepped down from some of these roles. Most recently in May he withdrew from the supervisory board of Körber, which had sat on since May 2010.

Mr Michel had joined Siempelkamp’s management team on 1 August 2018 and assumed the role of spokesperson after Dr Hans Fechner retired on 1 January. Having temporarily increased to three members in the second half of 2018, the management board has now two members again. Elisabeth Bienbeck-Ketelhohn has been in charge of commercial operations since the middle of December 2014 when she replaced Michael Szukala.

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